Posted by: Chris Kretz | August 12, 2009

Looking Back: Marianne Accardi Giardini, Act I

Marianne Accardi Giardini in the Firebugs. Photo courtesy of Ned Bobkoff.

Marianne Accardi Giardini in the Firebugs. Photo courtesy of Ned Bobkoff.

Marianne Accardi Giardini came to Dowling in 1969, following in the footsteps of her brother who had attended Adelphi Suffolk College. Her love of acting led her quickly to Ned Bobkoff and the Loft Theatre. Over the next few years, Marianne was active not only in the Loft but in pursuing her own acting career across Long Island and in New York City.

Marianne married fellow student Vinne Giardini in 1971 and the two remained in the area for many years as a part of the Oakdale community. In this ten minute interview, excerpted from a longer oral history archived at the Dowling Library, Marianne describes life in the early 70s. She introduces us to the Guerilla Theatre that was active on campus in the aftermath of the Kent State shootings. She also brings us closer to the events of the mansion fire of 1974 and the end of an era.



  1. I am delighted to listen to Marianne’s account of her experiences at the Loft Theater. Marianne was a valuable member of the the Loft Theater troupe. A minor but important correction: the “Gorilla” theater group was student organized. Although I was an advisor to the group, their activities, including going to the mall to protest, was sui generis. I did not tell them what to do. I walked besides them to monitor public reaction. Although there was boos, shouts, and applause, the protest remained peaceful from beginning to end. The police at the mall handled the situation well. Ned

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