Posted by: Chris Kretz | July 17, 2009

Looking Back: Through the Lens of Kevin McGrath (’70)

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Kevin McGrath (70)

Kevin McGrath ('70)

Kevin McGrath came to Adelphi Suffolk College from nearby Seton Hall High School and became an active participant in campus life. He pounded the boards (actually the tiles) on the Carriage House basketball court, ran for student government, and took photographs for the school paper, the student yearbook and, as it turns out, the Central Islip State Hospital.

Eventually he taught himself electrical engineering by taking apart television sets and today is busy training engineers, working on books and still taking photographs.

In these excerpts from a longer oral history archived at the Library, Kevin talks about life on campus as well as the twin influences of Johann Gschwendtner and Norman Holub. These two teachers of physics and history, respectively, inform his work still. You’ll also hear about Kevin’s time as a codebreaker with military intelligence in Vietnam, being caught in the Easter Offensive of 1972  and what it was like coming home.


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