Posted by: Kami | July 15, 2009

At Dowling…the New Library?

The new Library building is now being planned. Due to the rapid growth of the collection, the Library is fast outgrowing its present location. As many book stacks as possible have already been crowded into the “Vanderbilt ballroom” and there is no space left on them. Already, students are unable to find seating space at certain periods of the day. The Library had to expand into Room 3001 last fall and will be acquiring 3002 at the end of summer school.

Proposed Program for the New Library Building
August 5, 1968

New Dowling Library Drawing circa 1969

New Dowling Library Drawing circa 1969

The Library began planning for more space from the moment the College moved into the Idle Hour mansion in Oakdale. In fact, our archives contains a thick folder labeled “Library – Plans for New Building” for nearly  every school year from 1962 through 1973 with memos, notes, floor plans, reports, and recommendations.

The architectural rendering above shows one plan with an extensive boat dock extending out into the Connetquot River and rooftop restaurant.


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