Posted by: Chris Kretz | June 26, 2009

Detex Watchclock Redux

I was up on the third floor of the mansion today helping move some boxes of books when lo and behold, right outside of Dr. Stephen Lamia’s door, a surviving Detex Watchclock Station:

Detex Watchclcok Station

Detex Watchclcok Station

And with the key intact, no less. So we now know of  two surviving examples of the devices that inspired the name of the College’s literary magazine, the Westrex Watchclcok Station.



  1. Detex Corporation still manufactures and sells these mechanical watchman’s clocks, the key stations and all the accessories. It is surprising – and somewhat gratifying – to see this nostalgic and almost affectionate interest in these enduring products.

  2. After we talked, I went looking for one of these old relics. I knew there had to be at least one left. I had expected it to be in the basement of the old mansion. I was wrong.

    I am surprised that the original company still exists. So many of the companies we knew even 10 years ago are gone.

  3. We have a Detex Watchman Station and on the clock it says Guardsman. We have the key also. Is it worth any money or considered an antique?

    • Hi Linda – there doesn’t seem to be a huge market for watch clocks (although I could be wrong). I checked eBay today and while there are a few Guardsman watches for sale (ranging from $20-$80) there are no bids yet.

      For anyone looking for more history on the subject, David Alexander of Detex told us about the Detex Watchman’s Clock Album site and the book
      The Watchman’s Clock in America: A Brief History (find in a library via WorldCat). Both are by former Detex chariman Philip H. Haselton.

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