Posted by: Chris Kretz | May 26, 2009

Looking Back: Kevin Bedell (’71), Hippie Physicist

Dr. Kevin Bedell (71)

Dr. Kevin Bedell ('71)

Kevin Bedell started at what was then Adelphi Suffolk College in 1966. A poor kid from Flushing, Queens, he hit his stride in physics and went on to not only teach at Dowling but to earn his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University and work at Los Alamos National Lab. He is currently Vice Provost for Research at Boston College.

In these clips, taken from a longer oral history held in the Dowling College archives, Dr. Bedell describes how he got off to an inauspicious start at the College¬† but soon came to the attention of Dr. Gschwendtner and the rest of the science and math department. You’ll also hear Kevin’s reactions to the Kent State shootings, what happened to him in the Vietnam draft during the physical exam, and the curious (to me, anyway) prevalence of hitchhiking on Long Island.



  1. Great listening to your interview. Brought back memories that made me smile.
    I remember how you tutored me in the use of the “slide-rule” which helped me pass Physics I and II with Dr. Gschwendtner.
    Majored in mathematics and took as many courses with Dave Adler, Dr. Monterferante, and Dr. Abramson possible.
    Congrats on reaching your dreams.
    Gene Montenare (1969)
    P.S. I believe we worked together in “work-study” in the Buildings and Grouds department.

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