Posted by: Chris Kretz | May 15, 2009

At Dowling: Night Owl, the Newest Voice on Campus

May, 1969

Night Owl newsletter

Night Owl newsletter

The evening student is an office-worker-laborer-housewife-civil service employee. He is attending Dowling College for advancement on the job-preparation for a profession-just because he wants to learn. She is 26-19-34-68-47. He spends his summer vacation camping-touring Europe-playing golf-girl watching at Ocean Beach-sleeping in the back yard. Last Fall she voted for Humphrey-Paulsen-Nixon-didn’t vote in protest. He is diverse in all apsects save one; he is serious and mature in his desire for a meaningful education. In the time he has spent here at Dowling, he has had some good-bad experiences. He can’t stand alone, nor does he need to any longer.

The General Studies Student Council aims to achieve good-better-best experiences for the evening student in all areas of college life. Curriculum review, student-faculty affairs, and communication with administration are just a few of the currently vital programs being pursued by Council committees. The executive committee hopes to function in the interests of students, with the support of students. Support, encouragement and ideas must be forthcoming from the student body, if the student body desires representation.

Editorial: The Dowling College General Studies Student A Composite
Dowling College Night Owl
Issue #1
May 8, 1969


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