Posted by: Chris Kretz | May 12, 2009

At Dowling: Athletic Award Dinner

May, 1969

Dowling Sports Awards Dinner, 1969

Dowling Athletic Awards Dinner, 1969

Sports Spotlight – 90 trophies in 9 different sports played during the past school year were awarded at Dowling’s first Athletic Award Dinner in May. Dowling president, Dr. Allyn P. Robinson (center), is shown with “most valuable players” left to right: Bob Esp (soccer), John McKiernan (soccer), Larry Collins (cross country), Joe Maniaci (basketball), Coach Charles Kreisen, toastmaster; Gary Censoplano (track), Joe DeChristofaro (track), Evan Liblit (track), Bob Senatore (lacrosse), and Athletic Director, Richard Berg.

Dowling College News & Views
Vol 10 No 1
September 1969



  1. I remember all those guys … as well as Dr. Robinson, Coach Kreisen and, of course, coach Berg who would later become a very good friend and mentor. That basketball trophy sits on a shelf here in the study. Small world. Wonderful memories of good people, good times – and a great school.

    Rich Bernato memories of beginning his career at Connetquot parallels mine as well. The changes in society, methods of teaching, dressing … it was an exciting time. I remember the strike in 1970 – my first day as a teacher … on a picket line! What the hell was I doing? Several people crossed the picket line at Peconic Street School (now Ronkonkoma Middle School). Meanwhile, when it was over Al Capalli, principal, was standing in the hall welcoming us all back, shaking everyone’s hand. Rich Bernato would later become chairman of the Connetquot Social Studies Department, and my supervisor. A wise, and talented administrator. Thanks for the memories …

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