Posted by: Chris Kretz | May 6, 2009

Student Newspaper: May 6, 1969. Editorial

Tuesday, May 6, 1969

In the final editorial of the final New Voice edition for the 1968-69 school year, the New Voice looks back on the recent past and takes stock:

Let it be remembered, that two years ago there were no students on any faculty committees; now there is not one major division which does not have a student sitting in on their meetings. Last year, representation on the board was a dream; now it is at the point where it is almost a reality. Last year, there were no guards in the student parking lot; now it is well protected. Last year, the idea of an open college budget was unheard of yet we have seen it.

Whenever the students of Dowling College have acted together, they have been able to see their dreams become real. This is the time, when the students of Dowling College must join together to fight for things they believe in, in the responsible manner of the past. Things like the Proficiency Test and the Advisory system have come under much fire by many students and faculty members. We must not allow these things to be continued without a protest. A unified student body can do more for the school than simply a group of interested individuals.

Ye are many, they are few.


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