Posted by: Chris Kretz | May 4, 2009

Student Handbook: Gamma Delta Xi

Gamma Delta Xi at Dowling College, 1969

Gamma Delta Xi at Dowling College, 1969

Gamma Delta Xi Fraternity has the distinction of being the third Greek letter men’s fraternity to make its home at this college. Founded in the Spring of 1963 by fourteen brothers, this fraternity embraces the ideals of the National Interfraternity Conference.

Academic and intellectual growth is emphasized, while social and athletic affairs keep the brothers active in the campus community.

President: Andrew Garlichs ’69
From the student handbook The Well, page 41

Starting with the Gamma side of the Banner:  Jeffrey Block (’71.  Now a Long Island Attorney) immediately behind him with glasses-Steve Korin (’66. Nickname-Pucker). Next to Jeff- Al Horowitz (’69). Behind AL-Me. To Al’s immediate left-Charles (Chuck) Speiel (’69). To Chuck’s immediate left and slightly behind Sal Viggiano ( ’68. Wearing a sweater) . Behind Sal-Don Grattan ( ’70). To Don’s left Joe Romanga ( ’69. Glasses). In front of Joe (at the “D” in Delta)- Robert Gunther (’71). To Robert’s left Dave Miller (’70. Suit). Behind Dave-Robert Ellis (’70).  Next is P.Arthur Meyer (’69. Sweater, glasses, beard). In front of Art Meyer-Richard Varela.(’73. Sweater-holding the banner between Delta and Xi) Holding the corner of the Banner Richard Sweeney(’69. Retired teacher). Behind Richard-Paul Geiger (’72).



  1. Update 05/21/09. Andy supplied us with names for all of the brothers in the photo. I’ve added most of the information he sent to the main post along with any missing graduation years.

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