Posted by: Chris Kretz | May 1, 2009

Student Handbook: Men and the Military

In order to comply with the regulations of the Selective Service Board, each male student is advised to keep close contact with his local draft board.

During registration, the student will be asked to submit his selective service data. A form will be sent to the local draft board indicating college enrollment. Questions regarding these matters may be directed to the Dean of Students or the local draft board.

Current Selective Service regulations state that matriculated students carrying 12 credits or more a semester will not generally be considered for active service in the Armed Services.

Students called to enter the Armed Forces may receive academic credit for the semester’s work if their entry into the service (date of induction) occurred during the last three weeks of classes in that semester. Students must apply for this credit and satisfy the following requirements:

a. The student will receive credit in those courses in which his average is at least a C grade.

b. The student must file with the Dean of Students a copy of a photostat copy of the Military Orders which indicate the actual date of induction (or the day he began his active duty).

Students are advised that the application must be on file in the office of the Dean of Students no later than the date on which Incompletes are changed to F’s for that semester.

From the student handbook The Well, pages 51-52


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