Posted by: Chris Kretz | April 24, 2009

Student Handbook: A Word from the Interfraternity Council

On behalf of the Interfraternity Council at Dowling Collge I would like to welcome you, the Class of 1972, to the Dowling campus.

The I.F.C., as in the past, hopes to make your stay here as enjoyable as possible. This is accomplished through the varied social events held throughout the college year.

Individual fraternities and sororities have calendar dates set aside throughout the year. At thse times they hold functions such as beer blasts, road rallies, cake sales, fund drives, coffee hours, raffles, smokers and teas.

The I.F.C. itself, holds the annual Greek Week. This is a week set aside early in the year for the Greek organizations to make themselves better known to the college community. The culmination of this week is known as the Panhellenic Weekend. Included in the activities are the Panhellenic Ball and the Interfraternal Football Game. Among the activities in the past that the I.F.C. played an important part in was this past years graduation reception, a tradition which will be carried on.

The I.F.C. is the coordinating body for fraternal and sorority life. It is also responsible for the existence of the individual groups. Each organization does a service to the college. Also, each group welcomes interest, support, and membership from the full-time student body.

The I.F.C. this year hopes to bring a larger and more worthwhile social setting to the usual intellectual college society. Once again, I wish you success in this your newest challenge – Dowling College.

President: Ed Wilk ’69
From the student handbook The Well, pages 40-41



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