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At Dowling: Dr. Franz Pick Seminar on the Minidollar

Friday, April 18, 1969

Dr. Franz Pick Seminar on the Minidollar

Dr. Franz Pick Seminar on the Minidollar

FRANZ PICK, B.S., M.A., M.B.A., LL.D., PH.D., etc. has more letters after than in his name. He was born in Bohemia, studied law at the University of Leipzig, and currency theory at the University of Hamburg. His post-graduate studies at Paris’ Sorbonne dealt mostly with inflation and devaluation theories.

He fought in World War II in France and played a major role in currency intelligence and underground finance.

In 1945 he founded PICK’S WORLD CURRENCY REPORT in New York City, a monthly publication that has acquired an unmatched domestic and international reputation for accuracy of reporting and of forecast, with subscribers in every country on the globe. Beginning 1951, he published the “Black Market Yearbook,” a then controversial volume, which has since become a classic. Dr. Pick was the first economist in history to analyze black markets by a system comparable to that of bacteriological research, an activity which earned him the unlimited hatred of many governments.

He discontinued publication of his Black Mrket annuals in 1955 and now publishes the “PICK’S CURRENCY YEARBOOK” reviewing, in pitiless analysis, about 90 currencies each year. This book too is a nightmare for every foreign trader.

In 1955, he established his own school in New York and teaches a “Currency Seminar for Executives.” Key personnel of many of the U.S.’s largest corporations have enrolled in this course, which meets three times a year and was also held in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco last spring.

Franz Pick is considered to be one of the world’s leading currency analysts, feared by all administrations of nonconvertible monies, but universally respected for the clarity of his judgment. Many of this country’s leading enterprises consult with him and about 46 governments are his clients.

His hobbies – besides having written about 30 books and having aggravated countless Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governers – are to sail his racing sloop in the Long Island Sound and to cook gastronomic meals.

Flyer for “Anatomy of the Minidollar
Franz Pick Seminar
April 18, 1969



  1. […] Sie finden einen Flyer für ein Seminar von Dr. Franz Pick vom freitag 18. april 1969 hier. […]

  2. I attended this mini-dollar conference in April 1969. It was held in the Comodoor Hotel in NYC. Much to everyone’s surprise, only a dozen people showed up due to a miscommunication and the publicity never appeared in the WSJ prior to the class. Pick said he only got paid $1 to teach so he was willing to teach, tutor really, the dozen of us. The course lasted about 10 weeks, one or more times a week, for a couple hours each night. I was new to finance, my father-in-law paid for my attendance on the condition I took notes and discussed them with him. It was a wonderful experience, taught me the importance of a sound money policie; no fiat currency policies have ever worked over the long term.

  3. I just received a blog from the great Mark Lundeen at Le Metropole Cafe and his review included a reference to the great Dr. Franz Pick. I had the privilege of attending several of his seminars in the 60’s and 70’s. They were fantastic! I later had the privilege of dinner with him in Zurich in 1973. He didn’t tolerate any stupidity, and verbally chastised anyone who asked a dumb question. The best thing, among many, was the opening remark at his seminars, “You all have to stop masturbating with mini-dollars!” After that he would explain why, and we never forgot! Today, I sincerely believe that over 90% of Americans don’t understand what “inflation” is! It is NOT “rising prices!” Rising prices are the effect of “inflation,” which by definition is simply money printing by “fiat.” If even half of Americans understood how the “Fed” has stolen our wealth since 1913, there would be immediate revolution and burning of the “Federal Reserve Bank!” But, of course, that won’t happen. We all miss this great man. I was very privileged to have met and known him. There may never be another like Dr. Pick! May he rest in peace.

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