Posted by: Chris Kretz | April 16, 2009

Looking Back: Liz Foy Casey (’70) and The New Voice

The New Voice page from the 1969 student yearbook

The New Voice page from the 1969 student yearbook

Liz Foy Casey came to what was then Adelphi Suffolk College in 1966 from across the street. Campus was already well known to her from days spent roaming the grounds and playing in the weeping beech tree.

Liz was also editor of the New Voice and many of the editorials we’ve been documenting on this blog came from her pen.  In these audio clips, excerpted from a longer oral history, you’ll hear her perspective on the times and conditions on campus, from Vietnam War protests to women’s issues to students’ rights.

You’ll also hear about her trip to Dr. Martin Luther King’s funeral in 1968, her experiences at Grateful Dead concerts, and the particular challenges of protesting against Dr. Allyn Robinson.

View a slideshow of New Voice front pages from 1968-69.



  1. Hi Liz – It’s a lifetime ago but just yesterday too.
    Hope you and yours are well.
    We had it all…..
    I’d love to know what happened to Brian Doherty.

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