Posted by: Chris Kretz | March 2, 2009

Looking Back: Fred Zito and the Race to the Moon

Fred Zito was not at Dowling in the late sixties although he did earn his Ed.D. at Dowling in 2002. No, during the sixties Fred was working for NASA as an aerospace engineer. Stationed at Grumman on Long Island, Fred was working on the navigation and guidance systems for the lunar landing module.

In this 30-minute interview, Fred draws from his front row seat of the space race to recount just how daunting and complex a task NASA and its partners faced. Our additional audio of  the Apollo 11 take off and lunar landing is courtesy of NASA.

This interview is cross posted with our regular Omnibus podcast series and you can find more information and lnks to related resources in our shownotes.



  1. Fred Zito was an impressive man. A great husband to Marie (gorgeous couple)and Father to Barbara, Joanne, Richard, Patty, and Christine. A kind man, with a great smile. And he worked for NASA! That mysterious place that sent men to the moon! Looking back, I’ve realized what a privilege it was to know him. As always, I wish I had spent more time to hear more about his career and achiements. RIP dear Fred and Marie.

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