Posted by: Chris Kretz | February 5, 2009

At Dowling: Student Association Demands

Wednesday, February 5, 1969

The Student Association met in reaction to the recently announced tuition hike. They approved the following demands, to be presented to the Board of Trustees:

  1. Notification to students one year in advance of any tuition increase
  2. Increased psychological services for students
  3. Increased student aid
  4. Improvements to the College’s physical plant
  5. Increased faculty, staff and student representation on the Board (with voting rights)
  6. Addition of student and staff representatives to the screening committee for new Board members


  1. I believe that this website is a wonderful way to preserve all of Dowling’s accomplishments and the people that kept its legacy. I enjoyed the blog on Dr. Kurt Fisher looking back at his time in the early years of Dowling. Several other professors from early years should also be interviewed such as Dr. Youth, Dr Monteferrante, and Dr. Abramson, etc from the early 70’s to show all of the departments progress. I’m sure that with many more blog interviews and great presentations this website will have much more success.

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