Posted by: Chris Kretz | February 5, 2009

At Dowling: Fourth Islip Town Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 5, 1969

Continuing a process that started back in the fall, the College faced another hearing before the Islip Town Board seeking a zoning variance.  At stake were a variety of building projects and measures aimed at expanding the College. Public opposition ran high at the three previous meetings, although no official ruling was reached.

At this meeting, Dowling’s newly inaugurated president, Allyn Robinson, addressed the Board.  His remarks included the following:

We are here before you tonight as petitioners because, if we are to succeed, you, too, have an important role to play. For, the simple truth plainly stated is that neither our pipes nor our philosophy will hold water unless you approve the application before you.

You and the community you represent are our partners in the effort to make Suffolk’s first liberal arts college a credit to education and a credit to the Town of Islip.

Our goal is to create an environment for learning on the uniquely attractive acreage which is ours. Our request here tonight is to proceed with that task in a constructive and pleasing way.

In our view, preserving the beauty of Idle Hour is essential to achieving our ends.


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