Posted by: Chris Kretz | February 4, 2009

At Dowling: Student Newspaper February 4, 1969

Tuesday, February 4, 1969


New Voice, February 4, 1969

New Voice, February 4, 1969


Highlights of this edition include:

  • A rave review of the Loft Theatre production of Hail, Scrawdyke!  The writer, B.P. Doherty, proclaims:  “I can not express fully how great this play is. All I can say is that it is dramatic, and just go. It’s well worth your while.”
  • A review of Henry at the Grating, a book of poetry by Dowling English professor Aaron Kramer
  • A thank you to Robert Dowling for loaning the New Voice two new Friden Justowriter typesetting machines, which they claim greatly speeds up their production process
  • An announcement that the editor of the New Voice will henceforward be elected by the entire student body
  • Various denunciations of the Board of Trustees in the wake of their announced tuition hike.   All echo the sentiments of the Voice’s editorial decrying the manner in which the decision was made: “And what students helped formulate the policy? None. What students were asked their opinions, their ideas? None. What effort was made by those in power to involve students before the final O.K.? None.”

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