Posted by: Chris Kretz | February 2, 2009

The First Honorary Degree

Sunday, February 2, 1969


Robert Dowling receives an honorary doctorate.

Robert Dowling receives an honorary doctorate.

Citation to Robert W. Dowling, Doctor of Humane Letters:

ROBERT W. DOWLING, able financier and industrialist, you have revealed the strong sense of responsibility that is the strength of our democratic society.

As city planner, builder extraordinary, and devoted friend of all the arts, you have not only enhanced our skylines, but you have deepened our vision.

Your concern has known no national barriers; you have ably served your nation and the world by drawing men together through the universal sharing of the arts.

As an humanitarian you have sought to bring healing to men, and beyond that to prevent the tragedies we inflict upon ourselves.

Your leadership in education has been notable through the years. We celebrate particularly the fact that you have given to this institution far more than a distinguished name, far more than the vital resources so important to its future. You have shown a concerned commitment to today’s youth and a faith in their future.

ROBERT W. DOWLING, as a mark of gratitude, of deep respect and honor, we are proud to confer on you Dowling College’s first Honorary Degree, Doctor of Human Letters.


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