Posted by: Chris Kretz | January 31, 2009

Looking Back: Ned Bobkoff and Theatre in the 1960s

Ned Bobkoff taught drama at Dowling College from 1967 through 1986. In this 25-minute interview he describes how he and a group of students discovered unused space in the Carriage House and transformed it into the Loft Theatre. Ned also discusses theatre in the Sixties, from Off Off Broadway to anti-war plays to hapennings and more.

This interview is also part of the Library’s ongoing monthly Omnibus podcast program. You can find links to more resources and related information on Ned’s  discussion of theatre in our regular Omnibus shownotes, including a slideshow of images of past Loft Theatre productions.

UPDATE (03/04/10): You can read Ned’s own account of his time in the Loft Theatre in this month’s issue of Scene4 Magazine.

Ned Bobkoff at Dowling College

Ned Bobkoff at Dowling College


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