Posted by: Chris Kretz | January 31, 2009

At Dowling: Hail, Scrawdyke! at the Loft

Friday, January 31, 1969

Rehearsals in the Carriage House for Hail, Scrawdyke! at the Loft Theatre at Dowling College.


The Loft Improvisational Players, under the direction of Ned Bobkoff, presented Hail, Scrawdyke! in the Carriage House on campus. The play, written by British playwright David Halliwell, premiered in London in 1965 as Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs before running (briefly) on Broadway in 1966 under its new title.

The story involves a failed art student who plots revenge against the world with three conspirators in tow.


Malcolm Scrawdyke…….Mike Alsen
Irwin Ingham……Rick Marino
John (Wick) Blagden……David Casiano
Dennis Charles Nipple……Chuck Cobb
Ann Gedge……Virginia Giordano



  1. Hello Blog-land viewers. Dennis Charles Nipple here.(Chuck Cobb, that is)

    I have been in touch with Mike Alson and Ned Bobkoff, but would love to hear from David, Virginia, and most of all Rick Marino from the cast, as well as anyone from those early days of the Loft Theater. My email is, and my website is

  2. I responded to Chuck to let him know that some of the Loft Improvisational Players are still around. John Monteleone, one of the young-uns who came in at the end of my time at the Loft, and had Ned’s position at Dowling for some time, lives out east and has a production company. David Casiano is the mayor of Parker, Colorado and teaches theater in a private high school. John Casey is the owner of the Cull House restaurant in Sayville. Both made significant contributions to The Loft Theater. I’d love to hear from others too. Gene Monteleone, Rick Marino, Susan Cannon, to name a few. Chuck was a hard worker, incredibly conscientious and the nicest person around. He was, as I heard Ned say once, a mensch.
    I was a Freshman in September 1969 and remained with the Loft for a few years after I left Dowling. I went on with my acting career for a few more years. I was asked to audition for a play that ended up as an Off Off Broadway production after by a producer who saw me in the Loft production of The Criminals. I worked with that producer for some time after that.
    I am now completing my PhD in Social Welfare at SUNY Stony Brook, am a part time professor at Empire State College and have a private practice. I integrate much of what I learned from Ned into my practice in role playing and psycho drama and have applied it in teaching in classes in theater for community healing and am theater for social justice. I would say my time at the Loft impacted more than anything else. I’d love to hear from anyone during that time and wonder if anyone has any more photos than have been already posted? Please e-mail me Marianne

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