Posted by: Chris Kretz | December 17, 2008

Student Newspaper: December 17, 1968. Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the “concerned student” who, in the December 10, 1968 issue of your toilet-paper, condemned Berserk Production’s happening, “War is Fun”.

First, this individual stated that: “It was the most ridiculous, nonsensical play that I ever saw. It had no meaning and was just a lot of noise.” We must reply that he has grasped some of what we were trying to accomplish. War is very ridiculous and nonsensical. But when he suggests that war has no meaning we must disagree; he should ask a Vietnamese mother if it has no meaning.

Second, “concerned” called us nuts. We don’t want to sink to his sub-level and attack his mental condition but we strongly suggest he consult a psychiatrist. As to making asses out of ourselves we again suggest that in order to help him the psychiatrist start with that particular portion of his anatomy.

Third, “Mr. Concerned” wanted to be entertained. If he wants the entertaining side of war we highly recommend any one of the thousands of “gutsy” war movies or the 7 o’clock news or an Army Recruiting Film. As John Wayne so aptly puts it – “War is Hell”.

The rest of his oral defecation was more attacks upon our actions, concluding by stating he’s going to start a petition to stop Beserk. After he finishes this Crusade for Christ, maybe he should re-direct his energies and either enlist or join the C.I.A.

Board of Trustees
Beserk Productions, Inc.


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