Posted by: Chris Kretz | December 15, 2008

At Dowling: The New York Times on Expansion Plan

Sunday, December 15, 1968

A New York Times article entitled “Problems Beset College on L.I.” recounted the opposition to the school’s expansion plans in the community and before the Islip Town Board. President Allyn Robinson, interviewed for the article, related his thoughts on the issue.

Dr. Robinson attributes the opposition to the unfavorable image that many people have of a college campus. Instead of regarding colleges as centers of learning…many of the neighbors now associate colleges with places of conflict between militant students and administrators.

…[he] believes that the hearings have shown that even a small college in the suburbs, which has not had any student demonstrations, cannot escape from the conflict between the universities and the communities which surround them.

In the same article, the Times quotes local resident Domenico Lore who lived across the street from the College:

We want a little room to breathe. We’ve put every dime into this house. Now they want to put a four-story library across from us…They think we’re tough people but we’re not. When the college moved here they knew there was no room to expand.

“Problems Beset College on L.I.”
Agis Salpukas
New York Times
December 15, 1968


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