Posted by: Chris Kretz | December 10, 2008

Student Newspaper: December 10, 1968

Tuesday, December 10, 1968

The New Voice, December 10, 1968

Highlights of this edition include:

  • Report of Student Council demands presented to the administration calling for: the hiring of more academic advisors, clarification of college catalog policies, and a demand for open discussion and student notification one full semester before any proposed tuition hike. Regarding this last point, prompted in part by rumors of a tuition increase, SA President Ken Seltman is quoted as saying: “Any unannounced tuition raise would seriously jeopardize a spirit of communication and trust which is vital to the college at this time.”
  • Praise for the Dowling Lions men’s basketball team for going 3-1 during the opening week of the season. Compared to the previous year’s mark of 0-4, the Voice was cautiously optimistic.
  • In addition to eye-witness accounts of the December 4th happening, the Voice ran a letter received from a concerned student.

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