Posted by: Chris Kretz | December 10, 2008

Student Newspaper: December 10, 1968. Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

Last Tuesday I attended the first happening produced by Berserk Productions, and I must honestly say that it was the most ridiculous, nonsensical play that I ever saw. It had no meaning and was just a lot of noise. I don’t know what those nuts were trying to prove by running all around, yelling and screaming but they really made asses out of themselves. If that is a happening I surely hope that there aren’t any more. It seems that the students who spent all that time and energy making fools of themselves could have used all that energy to do something that was a little more entertaining. I don’t know where they got all those heads of pigs and cows from, but I don’t feel that they should have been allowed to throw them all around. Also there was one part when one of those berserk actors ran into the audience and almost killed a couple of people with a large sword he was swinging around. He also threw Dr. Oder off of his chair, and was in general very dangerous. I don’t feel that these happenings should be presented any more, and if they are we will start a petition to make sure that Beserk Productions doesn’t produce any more of these dangerous and stupid spectacles.

Concerned Student.


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