Posted by: Chris Kretz | December 4, 2008

At Dowling: Third Islip Town Board Meeting

Wednesday, December 4th, 1968

A third hearing before the Islip Town Board of Zoning Appeals was held concerning the College’s plans for expansion. By all accounts, the crowd was decidedly anti-expansion with discussion focusing mainly on problems involving increased traffic on the roads and demand for parking.

These plans are strongly opposed by many Idle Hour residents. Petitions opposing the expansion and signed by over 700 residents were presented to the board. One of the opposing homeowners, Mrs. Francis Peters, said that she and most other residents “enjoy the nice, small college as it is now.” But she feels that under expansion “it won’t be bearable to the community.”

“Dowling Expansion Plea Hit by Local Opposition”
Suffolk County News
December 12

Tonight…I had the pleasure of attending the Islip Town Board meeting which was held in memory of the plans of Dowling College to expand its overwrought facilities so as to accommodate the “unthinkable” but nevertheless still projected 1500 students of the near future.

“It’s What Hasn’t Happened That’s Important” by Eugene Zagorsky
The New Voice
December 10

To anyone associated with Dowling College, the Islip Town Board meetings are the closest thing to hell on earth.

“Exercise in Frustration or ‘I’ve Got Those Islip Town Board Meeting Blues, Lord, Lord” by B.P. Doherty
The New Voice
December 10

The Board did not reach a decision and a new hearing was to be set for sometime in January of 1969.


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