Posted by: Chris Kretz | December 3, 2008

At Dowling: The Happening

Tuesday, December 3, 1968

The Happening

The Happening

A group of students staged a happening in the Carriage House. Entitled “War is Fun” and directed by students George Dillworth and Paul Levett, the event involved music, masks, rope, and other props. Members of the acting group interacted with each other and members of the crowd.

More images are here, while a number of descriptions of the happening appeared in the December 10th edition of The New Voice:

Grotesquely garbed in the implements of war, the actors were at first controlled by members of the audience who used long poles with a rope tied to the end. The point was, for the manipulators to control their puppets. They did not succeed. At a given signal from the leader, the actors immediately started fighting with each other and with the men who held the strings

“Happening is a Warm Pig”
B.P. Doherty

I went insane today. My brain was in some other place for a full five minutes. I know what was done by my body, but it wasn’t I, who did it. It was the most interesting experience that I’ve ever been through.

“From Inside the Keyhole”
Robert A. Senatore



  1. Anybody out there remember the Gorilla theater that we did in reaction to Kent State?

  2. That comment from that “happening” is mine. It has brought back some great memories. I have copies of the Dowling newspaper “The New Voice”.. from 1965 to 1966. I would love to have them archived here..
    I remember working with Ned Bobkoff to create The Loft. I remember working the lights for our first production. It was a special space during a special time…

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