Posted by: Kami | November 19, 2008

Student Newspaper: November 19, 1968

The New Voice student newspaper for November 19, 1968

The New Voice student newspaper for November 19, 1968

Highlights of this edition include:

  • An announcement of a new program in which Dowling is participating, the Mediterranean Institute. Thirty students from Dowling and other American colleges will travel to Deya, a peasant village in the Northwest mountains of Mallorca, Spain to study literature, creative writing, music, painting, and Spanish Culture and Language. Frequent visits from major American and English authors are planned.
  • An article from the Sophomore Class President describing a student-community project gone awry. Dowling Students and members of the Idle Hour Taxpayers Association were to work together on restoring and painting the concrete stantions throughout the neighborhood. When the College announced its plans for a new dorm and library to be built, the Taxpayers Association pulled out of the project due to their dismay with the plans.
  • An article on the newly-formed Student-Faculty Evaluative Committee, which would oversee more student input into professor evaluations in the form of questionnaires to students. The committee would be distributing surveys to students in those classes where a professor was due for evaluation.
  • An editorial titled “Correspondence Courses” which favored the faculty creation of courses that would be available to those in jail for “dodging” the Draft. It called upon the twenty-two faculty members who signed an anti-Vietnam War ad in the New Voice the previous year to propose such courses to the Curriculum Committee.
  • An announcement of a decision made by the college to have security guards not carry guns. As previously reported in The New Voice, some students were nervous about the firearms on campus.


  1. I wrote a weekly column for the school paper called, “Getting High.” It was mostly about the flying community at Dowling. The banner had other meanings for other students in this era. :>)

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