Posted by: Chris Kretz | November 13, 2008

At Dowling: Second Islip Town Board Meeting

Wednesday, November 13, 1968

Islip Town Board of Appeals Hearing

Islip Town Board of Appeals Hearing

The College again made its case for expansion to the Islip Zoning Board of Appeals. College officials, including Trustee Robert Dowling and attorney Sol Horenstein, outlined the reasons for building new facilities and expanding daytime enrollment to 1,500 students.

More images and reactions from various sources:

Most of the persons at the hearing were opposed to expansion of the liberal arts college…

“Dowling Backs Growth of Namesake College”
November 14, 1968

Major opposition to expansion of college facilities on [Dowling’s] 23-acre site stems from the fears of residents that the rural nature of the area will be destroyed and traffic and other problems of which they now complain will be intensified.

“Dowling Expansion”
The Suffolk County News,
November 21, 1968

The presence of student observers has strengthened the position of the college, and the resolution by the Student Council supporting the application demonstrated that the students are behind their college. Perhaps the greatest benefit the hearing will have on the college will not be the permission to expand but the spirit of the college community working together for common goals.

“College Town Board”
The New Voice
November 19, 1968

The three hour meeting, with over 200 people in attendance, ended with no decsion being made. Another hearing was set for December 4th.


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