Posted by: Michael | October 29, 2008

Student Newspaper: Tuesday, October 29, 1968

The New Voice, October 29, 1968

The New Voice, October 29, 1968

Highlights of this edition include:

  • The full interview with the five Dowling students injured at the George Wallace rally in New York City on October 24.
  • A page-by-page analysis of the College’s budget, which was published in full in the October 1 issue of the newspaper. There is also an announcement that the College will hold open budget hearings on October 28 and 30.
  • A negative review of “George M”, a musical about George M. Cohan running at the Palace Theatre in New York.
  • The complete 23-game schedule of the varsity men’s basketball team. The Golden Lions, under new head coach Richard Berg (athletic director), played in the Central Atlantic College Conference (CACC) along with rivals Marist College, Bloomfield College, Nyack College and King’s College.
  • An editorial, “LIife or Property?”, decrying the new College policy requiring security guards working at night to carry guns. The editors suggest that a nightstick is a sufficient defensive weapon and warn of guards panicking at every noise and shooting at shadows. In an additional comment, student Chris Griffin writes in his “From the Fireplace” column: “…in the meantime I would advise anyone who has occasion to be on campus after dark or on weekends to carry a very large sign with the appropriate appelation (i.e. student, teacher, etc.)”


  1. I was born on this day (October 29, 1968), and it is utterly fascinating to see pages such as this, each one paints a picture of what was happening in every corner of the world on my very first day of life! Thank you very much! :o)

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