Posted by: Michael | October 24, 2008

In the World: Dowling Students at George Wallace Rally in New York City

Thursday, October 24, 1968

Five Dowling students attempted to attend a George Wallace campaign rally at Madison Square Garden in New York City and became embroiled in a riot that would make headlines. Wallace, a former governor of Alabama well know for his segregationist views, was running for President as a member of the American Independent Party.  While the students had no tickets to the rally, they attempted to get closer to the building and got caught up in a large mob of protesters who began to fight with police. This touched off a riot which involved the students and many others being clubbed by police with nightsticks, and ended with the students requiring medical attention at a city hospital for multiple head wounds.

The next day, the New York Times would report on the incident.  The crowd inside the building was estimated to be 16,000, with an estimated 3,000 police officers on hand to deal with approximately 1,000 anti-Wallace protesters.  The Dowling students detailed their experience in an interview with the New Voice, which was published in the October 29, 1968 edition.


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