Posted by: Kami | September 17, 2008

Student Newspaper: Tuesday, September 17, 1968

The New Voice, 9/17/68

The New Voice, 9/17/68

The New Voice began in March of 1961 when the College was still Adelphi Suffolk and located in Sayville. This first issue of the fall 1968 semester was the first to include the name Dowling College in the masthead although articles reference both Dowling and Adelphi Suffolk College (A.S.C.). Highlights of this edition include:

  • In an “Open Letter to the Student Body,” Student Association President Ken Seltman called on the Student Association to donate part of the student activity fee to the Biafran Emergency Fund.
  • The formation of the A.S.C. Draft Information Service to provide male students with counseling and assistance with questions on “deferments, legal rights, conscientious objection, local draft board procedure, confrontation or exile.”
  • Results of a straw poll of 450 members of the Dowling community on the upcoming presidential election:
    • Richard Nixon – 181
    • Hubert Humphrey – 92
    • George Wallace – 51
    • None of the above – 126 (submitted alternatives ranged from “no one” to Gene McCarthy, Nelson Rockefeller, Eldridge Cleaver, and Mickey Mouse)
  • In an editorial entitled “Participatory Secrecy,” the New Voice called for more student involvement in all levels of College decision making: “We must build here, not a steel and granite tombstone to man’s fears, but a vital and forward looking college supporting freedom and encouraging maturity. We must build a college for the seventies and beyond.”

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